I finally had the opportunity to get outside to do some yard work.  To clarify, I’ve been staying home as directed; I’m just getting to my yardwork now because this was the first weekend my yard didn’t still have snow piles!  It was a beautiful sunny morning, and as I’m raking the leaves from my hill that goes down to the bay of the lake, I heard one of my favorite sounds– the call of the loon in the bay.

I love that beautiful call!  The loon comes to the bay in the very early spring.  After that, the lake gets too busy when everyone gets out in their boats, and the loon leaves.    A little while later, my raking work is again interrupted.  This time the beautiful call I hear was the “quack, quack, quack” of the two ducks I affectionately named “Donald” and Daisy.”  Though their call is not as musical as the loon’s, they too, year after year, come back together in the early spring.  They stay!  They even waddle up the hill, past my house, to go across the street to my neighbor’s house to eat the bird food she puts out for all the birds to enjoy.  I watch and listen for a while and then get my cell phone to text my neighbor that I saw Donald and Daisy.  She replies, “I know.  They already went by the house to grab a meal!”  The other two friendly call sounds I hear later in the day were the voices of fellow IOKDS members who I called by telephone to connect with and check on how they were doing during the pandemic.  Both are amazing calls!  Both members are in their 90’s though you wouldn’t know it!  Both are appreciative of getting my phone call.  Four different beautiful calls are all connecting blessings from God.  As we move forward through today’s storm and all storms, may we continue always to be receptive to not only hear God’s inspirational calls to us but to take action to make the calls God wants us to make to stay connected to Him and each other.  Together always…no matter what.

Cathy Duncan, NY
International Secretary

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