In an attempt to stay sane while waiting for the golf courses to open, John has driven himself crazy trying to assemble a 3,000-piece puzzle.  After weeks and weeks of effort, all that remains are the 500 pieces of blue sky.  The golf courses have now opened so the blue sky will remain scattered across the table until further notice.

Stories are like puzzles.  Each piece of a person’s story reveals something but it is not until all the pieces are linked together can you see the whole.  A good storyteller is able to create a picture that the listener recognizes.   And sometimes that story has to be re-assembled in different ways to reach other listening ears. There are many stories being told on the streets of our cities.  There are stories of anger, frustration, fear and sadness, as well as stories of opportunity and hope.  Words written on signs, on walls and heard in chants are like parables – they contain many layers of meaning while leading us to a clear call to action.

This is a time for story telling.  Everyone’s story needs to be heard and listening is an indispensable part of our humanity.   In every London tube station is a poster warning “mind the gap,” meaning the space between the platform and the subway car.  We need to “mind the gap” that exists between humans, and through speaking and listening, find the connection that leads us to justice and peace.


Christine Dawson
Past President

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  1. Puzzles are addictive. I am sure it will be completed some rainy day. But 3000 pieces and lots of sky is a challenge. Telling our stories is a challenge as well. Yours is a good story and a good lesson.

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