As this COVID-19 life continues, there is increasing fear arising from worries about possible economic collapse, about the way differing opinions are fracturing communities and about the effects of personal isolation and loneliness. This is a crucible moment.  This is a moment of significant trial brought about by all these elements in our lives.  Crucible moments are painful, filled with uncertainty, confusion and fear.  And when we are afraid, our thinking is more easily manipulated. One of my friends recently wrote to me that she “just couldn’t think straight.”  She is not alone.  Being on high alert all the time is exhausting. Being socially isolated is not good for most people’s mental health.   Fear breeds anger.  Anger gets directed within struggling families, gets directed to the stranger, the outsider and gets directed at anyone in leadership.  We all want this to be over.  There is no doubt that this pandemic will end and when it does, what will we look like?  All crucible moments lead to the creation of something new.  Our eyes have been opened to the situation for the elderly, the homeless, and those living with financial and food insecurity.  What new creation do we want to see?

As members we are called to have a strong hand in the creation of something new. We can re-dedicate ourselves to acts of justice and mercy.  We can further develop our sense of responsibility for the “other”.  We can nurture the young, the old and the dispossessed.  We know how to do all this and more.  Why not start now?

Christine Dawson
Immediate Past President

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