Watching birds outside my window is a favorite pasttime.  Birds of every color and size joyfully engage in the smorgasborg of seed that is provided for them.  They eat the feast harmoniously and come and go at will.  Recently, a new species of birds joined the gathering.  These birds are loud, voracious eaters and are bullies.  They chase away the friendly birds who are so willing to share the bounty.  They seem to think that it is all for them.

Isn’t that just like society?  People live in harmony until something happens or the bullies arrive.  What then?  Do we run away or offer kindness, generosity, understanding and peace?  Are we reaching out during these difficult times, sharing our bounty, extending our love and patience?  What does Jesus expect from us?  What would Jesus do?  Think on this!

Jan Laude
International President

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  1. Hi Jan
    Thank you for your thoughtful words in this blog. How important to reach out to others, and especially at this time.
    In His Name

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