I love flowers, don’t you?  Come Spring, my favorite activity is planting colorful flowers in my yard.  As summer progresses, the flowers grow, multiply and turn their sweet faces up to God.  Daily I gift my pretties with showers of cool water.  They seem to dance with glee at the refreshing drink.  Summer, this year, has progressed in unusual ways and even my flowers are struggling to survive.  They seem to be experiencing the same struggles that you and I are experiencing.  No matter how much of the best fertilizer, sunshine or kind words are given, it’s not enough to give them the peace of blooming profusely.

With the pandemic exploding all around us, keeping us isolated, lonely, and at home, we too could be wilting in our emotional gardens.  Everytime we turn on the TV, there’s more news to stress us.  Therefore, we must remember to fertilize our spirits with projects, scripture and positive thoughts of God’s love so that we don’t wilt.  He loves the flowers and us, His children, and He NEVER NEVER will forsake us.  So turn your sweet face up to God with thankfulness.  Bloom where you are planted!

Jan Laude
International President

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  1. Flowers in our gardens; what a beautiful blessing and gift from God. Vegetables too, tonight we had delicious green beans from our garden.

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