What does the Learn & Discern summer internship really do?  From my perspective as a supervisor of two communication interns, it provides encouraging empowerment to young adults in their personal, spiritual and career development.

How does this happen?  The foundation for growth is a trusted relationship between IOKDS and the intern with a meaningful commitment to personal and organizational goals.  This relationship sequentially builds with preparation, negotiation, deliverable work, and closure.  From the beginning, the relationship between the intern and IOKDS is defined as mutually beneficial.

What is the supervisor’s role?  Every Monday I have a zoom call check-in with each intern.  Our conversation begins, “Tell me what you accomplished so far. What are your concerns?  What is working best?”  I actively listen to the answers to these discovery questions and advise as needed.  I listen to determine if the learning experience is satisfactory at a comfortable pace.  At the same time, I try to provide timely support creating appropriate challenges.  Then I move to empowering questions like, “What outcomes are you looking for this week?  What will you do first?  What resources do you need?”

As the process evolves to evaluating goals and deadlines, I offer constructive criticism as needed.  We learn from mistakes.  Given I am a digital dinosaur by age and skills, I am not afraid to admit what I don’t know, and the table turns as the intern helps me learn.  Both the interns and I appreciate our Office Manager, Chris White, serving as a resource for the interns on matters that I don’t know about our website and record keeping systems.

The result of this milieu is each of us ends up challenging ourselves to think in new ways.  The interns’ passion and energy give me and our organization reason to celebrate the 2020 virtual internship program’s success.  If someone asks me, “Would you be a supervisor again?”  I will reply, “Yes, with pleasure. Being an intern supervisor is a fulfilling way to serve In His Name.”

Have you ever thought about engaging in this opportunity for service with Christian college students?”  Learn & Discern Summer 2021 Internship comes next.

Dianne Foglesong
Communications Director

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  1. The Learn and Discern Internship Program was a great success. It was a privilege to view each of the four PowerPoint presentations.
    Thank you to the students and all who provided leadership.

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