With the continuing COVID restrictions many of my days have taken on a kind of sameness.  My daily routine includes gardening, cooking, cleaning, babysitting grandkids, exercising and the rest that comes with being at home.  It is easy to fall into the rut of routine and its accompanying feeling of little satisfaction.   Two weeks ago I was knocked right out of that rut.  I attended the Zoom presentation hosted by Mark Foglesong, our Internship Director and this year’s interns – Jared Couch, Kurt Martone, Morgan Shreves and Victoria Wangler.    What they showed us of their internship accomplishments in the short time each was given to present was amazing.  Each of them saw the potential of The KDS to become a stronger social media presence, to grow in numbers by reaching our alumni and to grow in service at Chautauqua.  They showed us what we need to do and gave us road maps for the future.  One of their goals is to raise a modest $650 for next year’s program through the GoFundMe page they set up.  They only need $90 more to meet that goal.  If you can, please donate.  If this is not the right time for a donation, please offer prayers of thanksgiving.   Watch their videos, Powerpoint presentations and read their reports.   It will be time well spent.


Christine Dawson
Past International President

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