I think Chicken Little and I have something in common – at least we do on the days when the news from around the world is relentlessly bad.   On those days, it does feel like the sky is falling.  I think about the many who have lost employment, who are struggling to pay rent and buy food, those whose children will fall behind in school due to closures and those who are trying to find ways to care for the elderly.  In 2016, I sat in the Chautauqua Amp for morning worship and heard Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor preach.  I am a totally geeky fan of her words, spoken and written. She offered good advice when helping those in need.   Of primary importance is preserving the dignity of the person you are helping; giving each person an opportunity to help themselves even while you are helping them; helping on a daily basis and forgoing your hurt feelings should you not be thanked or should you not feel appreciated.   There are many who will need our help in the coming months and years.  We belong to an organization that was founded on service and has a long heritage of helping.  By following Rev. Taylor’s advice each of us can ensure that our helping empowers more than it impedes.

Christine Dawson
Past President

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