For five weeks this summer, I had the privilege of supervising the work of two IOKDS Learn & Discern interns virtually.   Seeing my role as a facilitator of learning for both our organization and the interns, I assisted the interns in focusing their time and effort on projects that help our organization move forward with communications and marketing while supporting the interns’ personal and professional development.

As a digital dinosaur by my age, the virtual aspect of being the interns’ supervisor was both challenging and a growth point for me personally.  When I stumbled with technology, the interns were my teacher.  Since learning always involves sharing, I was grateful for their kind instruction.  Interestingly, from their spring semester of college e-learning, they had practical experience to share.   A pleasant surprise for me was realizing that relationships can be established and nourished through digital communication like FaceTime and Zoom.

What have your digital communication experiences involved during the pandemic stay at home over the past few months?  Once you find the right places to click, and how to solve internet connection problems that arise, how do you feel about these interactions?  Have you thought about having a digital IOKDS meeting?  Feel free to share your comments to respond to this blog.  Your email address remains confidential and is not available online to others.

Another gift I received from the interns was their enthusiasm for our organization and their desire to help us grow and move forward. That is a gift I am proud to share with each of you too.

Dianne Foglesong
Communications Director

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