I love books of all kinds.  Like many of you, I read quickly and am always on the hunt for new reads.  With our local libraries COVID-closed, I have downloaded library e-books, ordered paperbacks from Amazon, and searched my cupboards and closets for overlooked books.  However, I have a “rule” whenever I purchase books for my Kindle.  Never spend more than $3.00 (Canadian).  You can imagine the type of book I usually obtain for that price!  However, when I saw Max Lucado’s, Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World, I decided to suspend my rule and spend a total of $3.38.  Frankly, I was attracted by the book’s name.  True to Lucado’s easy-to-read, anecdotally rich format, this book turned out to be a wonderful spark of light for my spirit.  It was published in 2017 BC (Before COVID) yet held many biblically based ideas for coping with today’s relentless outpouring of troubling news, the daily requirement to make hard decisions and the general strains of life.

I try to stay informed about world and local news without absorbing the heartache.  I see Beirut, the riots and marches across nations, the uncertainty of job security for many, the damage to the Canadian Artic, and the lessening of food security for everyone. I watch our adult children try to make the very best decisions for our grandchildren – school at home? school at school?  playdates? how much social isolation?  My mother, soon to be 99 years old, is slowly declining while receiving the best in long-term care.  By necessity, the way we must visit with her prevents any personal contact, which is confusing for her and difficult for us.

I don’t often succeed in avoiding feelings of frustration and worry.  Could the same be true for you? Thankfully, the pages of Lucado’s book offer us practical, simple ways to navigate through the thoughts and feelings that can easily extinguish our soul’s spark.  I needed to be reminded to rejoice in the Lord always.  If you are also tired of the worry, I pray that you will find a source to re-ignite your spark of light.  Perhaps it will be through a conversation with another member, or maybe through the amazing array of on-line preaching now available.  Perhaps it will be through listening more carefully to the words of your favourite hymn or maybe it will be through a book like this one.

In the end, I pray that you will become that spark of light for someone else.

Christine Dawson
Immediate Past President


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  1. Thank you Christine. During these uncertain times we look for comfort in familiar and unfamiliar places. $3.,38 is a bargain for words of comfort and hope. I will look for Lucado’s book.

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