This is our new normal in many aspects of our personal and organizational lives.  So how is our 134-year old organization that embraces tradition more easily than change going to survive during this COVID year ahead?  And if the pandemic continues into 2022, will we find ourselves in a default position of too late to do anything different for survival?

I believe the answer is not by pacing in a standby position of hoping to return to the way things were in our past glory days of sizeable international membership. Although we are a decentralized organization from the local Circle level and the state/province Branch level to the International level, it may be time for us to set priorities together at all organizational levels for the next two years.  From my perspective, the entire organization’s priority needs to be keeping our current members actively connected during this pandemic time with limited ability for in-person meetings and events.  To connect and unite our members for survival, I believe we must catch up by purchasing readily available and accessible computer systems and digital communication tools.

Scientists tell us a computer can work 10 million times faster than the human brain, and if we only have one-and-a-half paid staff member brains working for us, we need to equip our staff with up to date technology and software system support.  As our membership dwindles and grays, our volunteers need a technological system and digital communication support for work they can’t do anymore.  Will we be able to compete for members and donation dollars with those nonprofits already using up-to-date technology tools to support their mission?

As it is certain that 2020 and 2021 hold uncertainty, what priority goals do you think IOKDS needs as part of our strategy not only to look forward but also to survive and support our mission?

Dianne Foglesong
Communications Director


  1. I agree. The ordrr use adapt to 21st century technology and hold true to our tradition and mission; however, cautious of engaging in traditionalism (doing things that way just because we have). Even traditional organizations like BBN radio have embraced apps, internet broadcasts, and more. I believe a special digital conference should be called to establish “IOKDS: The Digital Ministry”. I believe in this organization and what it stands for and what it strives to do. While their is autonomy there is a centrality and a need to use this to communicate real time, make the invisible people visible, and share the good news far beyond anything we as an organization has in the past. Great blog and now is the time for action and I believe we will rise like a phoenix and soar to new heights and become a leading non-profit ministry and a shining example of how to transform, survive, and minister!

  2. Your words are important for our entire membership. We will continue to serve, pray, and communicate in many ways and will be aided by using technology in addition to our yesterday methods. We need The Silver Cross (since 1888), phone calls and conference calls, email, and our website. All these are available during physical distancing. Prayers to all to keep well. Thank you Dianne, for your communication leadership and for encouraging us to keep in touch with one another.

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