When I first retired from the Air Force and settled back home to my house on the lake, I signed up for the weekly subscription of the Boonville Herald newspaper to get back in touch with what’s happening in the local communities around me.  The Boonville Herald newspaper is only published once a week, but sadly I let the subscription expire without renewing.  I just got busy with other things, I guess.  This past spring, however, with COVID-19 impacting local communities and businesses hard, I decided to renew my subscription.  I’m glad I did!  There’s just always something special within which will catch my eye and my thoughts.

This week two articles caught my attention.  One entitled “Miniature Fair Display,” where the giving nature of one of Boonville’s residents was on display…literally!  Carl usually sets up his miniature replica display of the “Boonville Fair” in the exhibit hall on the fair-grounds. With the fair cancellation this year, he felt the need more than ever to set up the display, so he set it up in the display window of his wife’s floral shop for all to see.  Carl used his time and talent to look out to the interests of others and to bring them a little piece of joy and a smile!

The second article that caught my attention was entitled, “Bottle/Can Drive Scheduled to Benefit 4-H.”  It said that the kids belonging to the Foothills 4-H Saddle Club were holding a bottle/can drive to raise money since, with COVID-19, their other fundraising events, including pony rides at the Boonville Fair, had been sidelined.  It was a call for help…and a call I could answer!  So, on Saturday morning, I loaded up my trunk with my bottles and cans and dropped them off.  Just so you don’t get the wrong idea, my load was mostly water bottles!  😊

Look to the interest of others…that’s what IOKDS affirms also.  Our Christian service organization’s motto tells us how “To look up and not down; To look forward and not back; To look out and not in; And to lend a hand.”  God will show us how to “do” for others and minister to others always “In His Name.”   Look out–God’s messages will capture your attention in unexpected ways.

Catherine Duncan
International Secretary

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  1. Cathy, enjoyed your story.
    I know the 4H members appreciated your bottles and cans. Did they ever come back with how much they collected? Keep up the good work in your community.

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