I love to play golf!  I’m especially enjoying this summer of golf because my niece, Heather, has taken up the game, and we’re golf partners for our Thursday night league. Boy, has her golf game improved!  In addition to family members mentoring her and going to the driving range and playing rounds with her, she’s been taking golf lessons.  Even her weekly golf opponents encourage her with information tidbits and compliments on how much she’s improving.

One of the things I’ve been focusing on in my “coaching/partner” role in helping Heather progress is the importance of the array of golf clubs in the bag.  Each club has its unique role to play…all made for a specific purpose.  Use the “driver” off the tee box when you have to advance a long distance.  Choose the differing “fairway woods,” “long irons,” “hybrid clubs,” and “short irons,” depending on your lie, your skills, and the yardage needed for advancement to the green.  The different “wedges” with varying degrees of loft are especially helpful:  the “sand” wedge for when you get trapped in the sand trap hazard and the “pitching” wedge for when you are close to the green.  Lastly, you use the “putter” to finally finish the hole’s challenge by rolling the ball in the hole cup.  The diversity of the array of golf clubs in our bag helps us maneuver around a challenging golf course.  While we may not pull out every golf club to use during each round of golf we play, it’s a comfort to know all are within reach and available to work when we need it.

Similarly, to be successful in our mission of service to others lending a helping hand, our IOKDS has to have an array of members with differing backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and talents.  Each member is bringing their individual gifts and skills to help us progress down our course…some leading and “driving”; some keeping us in the “fairway” of continuing service of our long-established and successful programming; some “pitching” new ideas and new missions to grow our organization.  Yes, IOKDS needs a diverse set of clubs…I mean members…to help us continue caring for all God’s children.

Cathy Duncan
International Secretary

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