Today is a sunny day in Mississippi, and here I am writing, hopefully writing something concerning a meaningful experience.  I decided not to use the Letter V in my story. The letter is tired. It has been used so much since February that I am trying to give it a rest.  This thought comes from my mentor, Dr. Fry, at UT.  Being a Special Education major (me), Dr. Fry would assign us to write stories for challenged teens who were say 15, and who only had a 100-word knowledge, but I could introduce eight new words. So, I decided if I could write a story only using 100 words, I could do my blog with no V words!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here goes!

I am not a horsewoman by any means.  Sort of inherited them.  Then, I am not a raccoon enthusiast either. They just came with the Barn!

All people, I think, watch people and animals.  Me too.  When you do this day after day, you think they are like people.  Here are some things that I watched.  Let’s title this part…..ARE YOU A RACCOON?

Raccoons beg.  Of course, I contribute to their funds.   Not because I am a pusher of funding.  These creatures, I contribute to their begging (enabler) basically,  for protection from them attacking me.  So, here’s some food, little furry guys.  Do not bite the hand that feeds you!!!

They run in cliques.  Have you been to a function where you need a seat, ask someone at the table with an extra seat, and get told that seat is taken?   It makes you kind of sometimes feel unwanted.  A raccoon sometimes growls at their friends.  Have you heard that from our two-legged friends?

They are followers.  They seem to elect a leader, and the others follow. Maybe this one is the oldest, and they are respecting him or her.  The King or Queen of the pack!

In a typical setting, they wash their hands, which I guess are paws.  When no water is around, they pick up their food, kind of squish it together, put it down, pick it up again and eat it.   It just reminds me of all of us, continuously washing our hands, and we should.

In the Barn, the horses are welcoming the raccoons.   They share the grain I present them.  When I put their food buckets into their stalls, they begin to eat, then, without knocking, here comes a raccoon to make a friendly call on the horse.  So, the horse dumps the bucket, eats it off the ground, and the raccoon will join them for dinner.

Oh, and the raccoons’ masks. Poor things come with a permanent mask. When I first met them (and still kind of do), I felt like them due to the big brown circles around my eyes. They thought I was their MOM. You don’t know what they think, so you must assume.

So, in conclusion, which would you rather be, a horse or raccoon? Both are unique personalities. Clean, beg, share, cliques, followers, attackers.

I want to be a horse!!! I want to share, but not waste. A raccoon, I want to be clean, following off and on depending on who is leading. Cliques, now this trait is a NO NO to me. You can build your knowledge of the world by listening to others and forming new thoughts. Attackers, no, no, no, no, no, that is what I yell, yes, yell, when they are bickering between them. And they are starting to listen! Begging won’t do, but asking for a donation is fine. (Try not to get my raccoons in a place where they forget how God wanted them to eat. Teach them to fish, and they will do ok, give them a fish and they will fade away.)

Well, all in all, what do I want? No more V words!

So, on that note, wear a mask, communicate the best you can, and hopefully, it will be sooner than it has been when I can watch you.

Good Day, Good Week, and be something with no V’s.

By Babette Lusk, International Treasurer, MS

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