One of my very favorite appliances is my very old electric “omelette” pan, one of the very few things I insisted on keeping following my divorce over 30 years ago. It’s held up well…probably because I generally only use it for a “weekend” breakfast or when I have guests visiting. Today, I felt like making an omelette for lunch…wanted a more substantial lunch before going to give blood at a local American Red Cross blood drive.

As I gathered all my omelette ingredients…the brown eggs, milk, onion, tomatoes, bacon strips, and extra sharp cheese, I realized that when all these “tastes” come together, work together, they make an incredibly delicious dish. I also realized that it takes extra work and time to make this dish…to beat the egg and milk so it’s just the right texture; to fry up the bacon strips; to cut up the onions, tomatoes, and cheese. It’s the extra work and time that make it extra special.

The same is true for IOKDS…what a variety of individual tastes and gifts we each bring when we come together and work together. When mixed together in mission…be it supporting local community needs like Meals On Wheels, food pantries, and thrift stores; be it supporting healthcare services including hospitals, assisted living establishments, or children with autism; or be it supporting any of the other IOKDS Departmental activities, when we come together, mix together, and work together, what a flavor we have!

Cathy Duncan
International Secretary

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