In today’s mail, I received a wonderful and timely gift along with a letter, parts of which I will share excerpts with you now.

A majority decision disbanded our Ministering Circle.  This was prayerfully and sadly decided.

We hope the New York Branch will send our remaining Circle balance of $200 for the Native American Scholarship memorial fund honoring our Circle President, Carol Creswell, an awesome lady with a driving force that would knock your socks off. 

 Of note, the New York Branch sent $1,200 in Carol’s memory to be given to a Native American scholarship student pursuing an advanced nursing degree because Carol was a nurse and because our Branch goal this year was supporting Native Americans.  Supporting future dreams…only God knows what the fruits of this gift will bring.

Although some members are continuing as IOKDS Members-At-Large, their letter goes on summing up their very last Circle gift of service.

Thank you for all your prayerful support, readings, sharing at our meetings, friendship, and your devotion to serving our Lord through IOKDS.  With that thought, enclosed is the Loaf of Bible Reading Cards used for many, many years at each of our Ministering Circle meetings.  Know that all the ladies holding these cards, reading the scripture, discussing the meaning, put the teachings into actions of service through Jesus Christ.  You embody the quintessence of this kind of devotion to service.  Please add your fingerprints with ours. May the Lord continue to bless you and the Holy Spirit guide your every endeavor.

This gift and letter brought me to tears and couldn’t have been more timely.  I received some startling news two days earlier, and I was grappling with a positive COVID-19 test.  After I reread the letter a couple of times and gathered myself, I turned my attention to the “Our Daily Bread Promise Box.”

Of course, I had to select one of the Bible Reading Cards to read!  The one I pulled out said this:

My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.  Psalm 121:2

No coincidence there.  Ministering Circle’s last gift of service to me was a special one, and I know God directed my fingers to pull out His assurance message that He’s my helper.  He’s right by my side as I clear the stumbling block of COVID-19.   I now can’t wait to pull out tomorrow’s card!  Amen.

In His Name
Cathy Duncan
International Secretary

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  1. Thank you and prayers for you Cathy. I remember Carol so well as a dedicated member of The King’s Daughters and Sons and know she was a driving force in the Ministering Circle.

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