For all of us Christmas is a special time to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  One of my favourite Christmas ornaments says Jesus is the reason for the season.   It’s hard to remember that with the relentless retail pressures to buy, the constant news cycles and COVID worries.  If Jesus walked among us today, what would He say?  Perhaps it would be this – act out of love, not fear.  Love your neighbour enough to wear a mask and stay apart, love your family enough not to gather in groups, love your household members enough to ensure hand washing and extra sanitation.  Love those are experiencing deep loneliness, those for whom it is always a blue Christmas.   Take steps to stay in regular contact, especially on Christmas Day.  Love those who live in northern and remote mountain communities for whom it is always a white, cold Christmas.  Donate to agencies that already work in those communities and know what is needed.  And love those for whom it is a usually a green, warm Christmas, one that often includes large outdoor gatherings and family events. Love them enough to stay away.

Whatever the colour of your Christmas, may it be the best possible one and may it bring you hope, faith, joy and peace.

Christine Dawson
Past President

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