The Covid pandemic has caused all of us to change our habits. With our Circle meetings, it is no different.  In order to meet while keeping the required social distance rule, the Adanac Circle of Ottawa, Ontario held several outdoor meetings.  But with the Canadian winter on its way, it was time for technology.  First, some history of the Adanac Circle (by the way Adanac is Canada spelled backwards) that was established in 1968.  It brought together a group of women, many of whom knew each other through their teaching professions.  Over the years, several members moved away but remained very faithful to the Circle by sending their annual dues and a letter every fall.   Of particular mention, Nancy Bonfield lives in Parksville, British Columbia about 4,500 kilometres west of Ottawa and Elizabeth Sills Sargent lives in Nottinghamshire, UK about 5200 km east of Ottawa.  Both left the Ottawa area more than 20 years ago.  The Circle’s first Zoom meeting was called for November 21st at 12 noon Eastern Time.  To everyone’s delight Nancy joined in her early morning on Pacific Time, while Elizabeth was with us in her late afternoon on Greenwich Mean Time.  That was a meeting across an 8 hour time change.  A first for this Circle! More than that, it brought us face-to-face with friends we had not seen for many, many years. Old friends met and new friends were introduced.    While there is much about living through a pandemic that brings fear and grief, there are also new opportunities for sharing friendship and fun.    If you haven’t tried a Circle Zoom or FaceTime call, there is no time like the present.   Get your Circle working towards virtual meetings – I hope you will be delighted with the result!


Christine Dawson
Past International President

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