Recently in an online church service, my minister gave a reflection based on the Parable of Bags of Gold.  In the story a master (Jesus) goes on a journey and entrusts his possessions with three servants (we who follow Him).  Two were good stewards doubling the value of gold they were given.  One servant buried the gold and did nothing.  The moral of this story is that we are not to sit back and do nothing.

I would like to present these words in a slightly different way.  Suppose instead of bags of gold, you approach five people you know, another member approaches two friends or neighbours, and another member, approaches one person.  You would ask the five members to find one new member each, the members with two names and one name would be asked to do the same.  Imagine, this could be a new Circle or increase the membership in an existing Circle or our international Members-at-Large group.  We would not need to be judgemental about the results, but we would support this venture with prayers.  Perhaps the numbers would not add up exactly as those in the Bible, but there could be some additional membership.  We could use this Scripture reference in telling the story of The King’s Daughters and Sons and the way that our membership grew in the early days, always looking to Christ for guidance.  This sounds a little like Margaret Bottome’s plan of action prior to 1886.  She always said God founded the Order.  We have many wonderful stories to tell about the good work done In His Name.

As our Bylaws say:

Article III


“Any person may become a member of the International Order of The King’s Daughters and Sons whose purpose and aims are in accord with the Objects and who holds herself or himself responsible to The King, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Article II


The Objects of the Order shall be the development of spiritual life and the stimulation of Christian activities.

Our 2020 Marketing Brand intern defined IOKDS membership as:  Where Faith and Passion for Service Meet.  You might use that line in your invitation.  Make sure you are familiar with the easy way to join online as a Member-at-Large for those who cannot commit to active Circle participation now.  Share your Holiday 2020 Silver Cross magazine, page 9, for details about membership.  Perhaps their $35 membership would make a perfect Christmas gift from you.

 Love and Prayers In His Name, Phoebe McLelland

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