The birth of Christ shatters fear and infuses hope for all Christian believers.  As the Christmas Carol lyrics suggest, we need to “repeat the sounding joy” throughout January days.  With the power of intention for joy and hope, we are entering a phase in the pandemic that calls for continued responsible decisions and behavior by each individual.

On December 14, 2020, the COVID-19 vaccine’s phased administration began in the United States and Canada.  Public health officials explain that the vaccine protects one from illness, but it is not known if it prevents the vaccinated person from spreading the illness through a cough, sneeze, or exhalation from the back of your nose.  You guessed it, at least until autumn 2021, we need to wear masks.

Setting realistic expectations helps manage our hope in a positive, supportive way.  As we move through the winter, worry about scarcity may undermine our hope. Be vigilant about your hope/fear thinking.

Will there be enough vaccine for me?

I hope to stay healthy while waiting to get the vaccine.

Will I have bad side effects from the vaccine?

Doctors and scientists know the risk of COVID death is greater than vaccine risk.

As our members get their vaccine shots over the first and second quarter of 2021, our organization needs a shot of hope too.  Hopefully, we continue to focus on staying connected with each other and those we serve.  Hopefully, members will take the opportunity of participating in the first Virtual Annual Conference.  Hopefully, new Board members will accept the challenges of leadership in this difficult time.  We can’t get too many shots of hope.

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