In this day of constant digital connectivity, I still enjoy receiving Christmas cards by snail mail.  Every year I receive cards from a group of repeating friends, and every year I receive some unexpected cards as well.  This year, I already received a card from a mystery “Sarah.”

As I re-read the note in the card, I realized that Sarah was an advocate for a local nonprofit making a case for why I should make-a-donation to that organization.  I then added that card to my stack of solicitation requests already received.   I began to feel like an ATM waiting for another withdrawal to occur.  At the same time, I asked myself who I wanted to financially support aligning my interests and concerns with the organizations’ causes and missions.

Nonprofit organizational data shows that 30% of all annual donations occur in December.  Statistics also show that once a year gifts solicited by snail mail average $58.00 per donor while one-time online donations average $96 per donor.  Only 45% of these first time annual donors repeat their gift the following year.

This year I noticed an increased number of donation requests included an option for monthly giving.  Written beside the monthly giving option check box, I was taken by the headline, “You are changing lives all year long.”  Nonprofit statistics show that 50% of baby boomers and 60% of young donors give monthly.  On average each of these monthly donations total $288 annually.

The International Order of The King’s Daughters and Sons is grateful for every single monetary gift we receive no matter the size.  The implementation of our mission depends on donations.  Is 2020 the time for you to consider a monthly gift?   Go to

Dianne Foglesong
Communications Director

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