By Meredith Houghton, International Historian, KY

Many charitable organizations in our nation and worldwide begin with one person who has a great desire to serve others. Today, our IOKDS Circles celebrate, honor and revere our founder, Mrs. Margaret Bottome.

This Order did not spring up overnight. Seeds were planted, nourished, and finally blossomed after months of thought and prayer. A meeting in an apartment in New York City, a chance word from a respected friend, a transatlantic steamship trip, a woman’s desire to help others; all these things came together on January 13, 1886, to form the beginnings of the Order of King’s Daughters and Sons.

Mrs. Margaret MacDonald Bottome, the wife of a Methodist Minister, was the guiding light in this momentous new effort to help others. She held informal Bible study talks in the drawing rooms of many society women in the City. In 1886, she brought together nine friends who founded the King’s Daughters and Sons, whose badge is a small silver Maltese Cross.

Our members are encouraged to wear their Maltese cross pin on January 13 in honor of the organization’s 135’th birthday. Members can participate in fun by taking a selfie wearing their pin and sharing it with friends.

Mrs. Bottome was 78 years old when she died in November 1906. God’s Word inspired her, and, today, we are inspired by Mrs. Bottome to carry on her good works through our Order.

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