Great Governor: We pray this hour for those serving in our national Senate and Congress. We pray against the lies on all sides that many have taken as truth. We pray against the arrogance of many in thinking they know more than they do. We pray against the partisan politics that have, in many ways, divided us as a nation. We pray for the power of Your Spirit to move in mighty and powerful ways within our House. We pray that Your will be done. We pray that greed and pride, a desire for power and the need to win will all be placed aside. We pray that each member will be keenly aware that they never have the power, as a party or as individuals, for true power lies only in You. Help them to find ways to work together. Help them have the humility to truly listen to each other, to hear the stories of those different than themselves, and to seek to serve all, not just some. Break down their walls and defenses. Help them to hear, in the midst of the roar of the crowds, Your still small voice. We pray this in the name of Christ. Amen. (KML)

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