For some reason, T.V. commercials get my attention with their creativity.  Take, for instance, the UPS store commercial telling about all the “ING” they do:  copyING, boxING, packagING, deliverING…you get the picture.

Well, it got me thinkING about IOKDS and all the “ING” members are doING:  ministerING within their communities through Circle and individual work; lookING always “up,” “forward,” and “out” for ways to lend helpING hands to serve others in need; donatING food, clothING, and health items in support of IOKDS-sponsored Departmental programs such as “Around The World” and “Native American” programmING; educatING college students by awardING scholarships and internships through their Health Careers Scholarship Program, their Student Ministry Scholarship Program, their Native American Scholarship Program, and their Learn & Discern Internship Program; givING rest to weary Clergy members by providING for a week of rest and relaxation on the grounds of the Chautauqua Institution stayING in one of IOKDS’ beautiful houses.

Yes, IOKDS is doING a lot “ING” ing.  We differ from UPS because when we do “ING” thINGs, everythING we are doING is beING done “In His Name”.  We do what God is signalING us to do IHN…praise be.  If you want to be doING God’s callING, come join us…we are God’s children “DoING Someth’IHN_” to care for people of all ages and circumstances.

Cathy Duncan
International Secretary


  1. You have rightly drawn the connection on how the UPS store, although known mostly for shipping, does a lot of “ING”s and at IOKDS we also do a lot of “ING”s.

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