Lord of All: This hour, we offer up prayers for our state senators, congressmen, and governors. We ask that you will rid them of conceit, selfishness, pride, and anything that hinders them from serving You by serving the constituents they are voted to represent. We pray that you will help them to be dedicated to their work, to the bettering of society as a whole, and to serving both individuals and communities. We pray that you will guide them in making prudent and righteous decisions that will balance the needs and desires of their constituents, those of other constituencies, and those of the nation and world in general. Help them to care for people and care for the earth. Help them to have the strength to go against the flow when necessary to do what is right. Guide and protect them and their families as they seek to uphold our democracy and care for one another. Lord, help them to work together for the good, to be willing to listen to one another and compromise, and to be diligent and faithful to their call. In the name of the Savior, Amen. (KML)

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