Great Guardian: We pray for our judicial system. We thank you for the order that it gives a society. We thank you for the notion that one is innocent until proven guilty. And yet, O Lord, we know that our judicial system, although perhaps the best in the world, is broken. We know that within our system are biases and prejudices against many groups including people of color, immigrants, and the poor. Forgive us, Lord. Forgive us for allowing injustice to remain in our nation. Forgive us for giving one set of rules to one group of people and another to another group. We pray for all of those who are a part of our judicial system. We pray that you will work within that system that it will be a balance of justice and mercy. We pray that those working within the system will seek for justice, not just for a win. Help us, O Lord, as a nation to set laws and to change laws so that what is right can be done. Help us to hear the voices of victims and to also know that many perpetrators are victims too. Help us to remember the families not only of victims but also of perpetrators, for they, also, have often become victims. May our judicial workers be able to work together with the many organizations that exist to help people to heal, to teach people how to change, and to honor You in our commitment to giving each person the value that every human deserves. May our system be not just a system of punishment but of change and redemption. In the name of the Christ. In the Name of the One who redeems, Amen. (KML)


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