God of the Covenant: We lift before You prayers for our local leaders, be they politicians, business leaders, school leaders, church leaders, or those in other forms of leadership. We pray that you will guide them as they make important decisions. We pray you will help them to seek how to best care for the community. We pray against the spirit of greed. May they work together for the good of all. May they be more concerned about people and community than profit or power. Help our communities to grow. Help us to find healthy ways of building our economy. Help us to serve those who fall into the cracks. Be with our schools, our places of worship, our police and emergency responders, our government workers, our childcare facilities, and those in the helping professions. Be with our businesses, large and small. Help us to be communities that work together, each using one’s gifts for the good of all. Amen. (KML)

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