Great Physician: We lift before You those in the medical field. We pray that you will give them patience, wisdom, and knowledge. Help them to be dedicated to the profession to which they have been called. Help them find peace in the midst of the stress, joy in the midst of the sorrow, and hope in the midst of despair. Care for them as they care for others- in the nursing homes, doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, houses, streets, ambulances, schools and all types of facilities. Keep them safe in the midst of this and all pandemics. Teach them patience as they care for people. Grant them kindness toward those they serve and those with whom they serve. Help them to see each person as a human being, not just as a case or a client. Be especially with those who care for those with mental illness, PTSD, and addiction issues. Thank you for the gift of medicine, science, and the many ways that you have have given us to bring healing and wholeness to Your creation. Thank you, LORD, Amen. (KML)

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