We pray, God of the Universe, for our police and military personnel. We ask that You bless them, protect them, strengthen them, and guide them. Forgive us, LORD, for taking them for granted. Thank you for calling them into service. Be with their families who also make sacrifices. Forgive us, O LORD, for allowing sins amongst our military and police systems- racism, sexism, and so much more. We pray against those evils and ask that you will strip our systems of them. Help our police and military to learn skills of de-escalation, in their jobs and in their lives. Help them with the immense stress with which they suffer. Heal them from the mental illness that comes about from the things they must deal with. Help them to be willing to ask for and accept help for their struggles, including PTSD. Fill them with kindness toward those they are called to serve. In the name of the Boy of Bethlehem, Amen. (KML)

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