Heavenly Father, we lift before You those who are often overlooked, misunderstood, outcast, and thrown aside. For the wife living in fear of a violent husband. For the child whose life is filled with neglect. For the woman caught in the throws of addiction. For the man sitting in a prison cell. For the sick, the feeble, the economically challenged, the mentally ill, the lonely elderly person, the immigrant, the foster child, the prostitute, the teen struggling with his sexuality, the single mother, the parent of a wayward child, the homeless vet, and for all those who feel unheard, unseen, and unwanted- we pray. Help us to be a people who sees. Help us to show through our actions and our love that You, O LORD, see. You see each heart, each tear, each cry for help, each heartache. Thank You, LORD, for being all that we fail to be. Holy Spirit, fill us with Your wisdom and guidance as we go into this world. Give us eyes to see that which we have chosen to overlook. And let us be Emmanuel- God with us- to those who need it the most. Amen. (KML)

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