Great God of Salvation- Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer- we pray today for our planet. The first command You gave to humanity was to care for this planet, but we have failed. In an effort to build our economy, our status, and our bank accounts, we have destroyed much of the blessing You have given us in Your creation. We have polluted the fresh air You have given us to breathe. We have poisoned the sustaining water that You have given us to drink. We have driven animals to extinction, often cruelly, upsetting the perfect balance of nature that You created. Forgive us, LORD. Help us to see all Creation as Your handiwork for us to protect, not destroy. Help us to find ways to gather and use natural resources in ways that are not damaging to our earth and to our health. Help us to treat Your creation with the respect to which it is owed. Help us, Great Guardian, to do what we can so that the beauty of our nation may be sustained- the purple mountains majesty, the dancing fields of grain, the towering redwood forests, the splashing waves of the ocean, the painted rocks of the desert, and the lakes reflecting the clouds as they flow across the blue sky. May we be faithful. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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