How many Christian nonprofit organizations are there in the USA? offers a comprehensive list of nonprofit organizations and charities and lists 84,706 charities within the Christian religion category.  One finds 135 listings for IOKDS Circles and Branches interspersed with listings for the International Order of Rainbow Girls and Watching Over Our Daughters & Sons INC.  Some of the IOKDS listings are old as was the case of the Louisiana Branch which disbanded over a year ago.

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is a Masonic youth service organization founded in 1922. Membership in Masonic Orders is said to have followed an S curve with over four million male members in 1959.  Since then the average fall in membership is around 50,000 annually.   However, since 2013 membership loss has been greater falling off the S curve path, and if that continues, the situation will go from bad to critical falling into the Elks and Odd Fellows fraternal graveyard. (Brother Lance Kennedy. “The Decline of Freemasonry: A Data Analysis,” freemasoninformation.com11/29/2-18).  Watching Over Our Sons and Daughters is a youth development program.

Interestingly enough, in GuideStar’s listings, one finds the following:

  • 7,553 have “international” as part of their name. Canadians became KDS members in 1910, and as the organization spread around the world, the name was changed to “International Order of The King’s Daughters and Sons” in 1924. In 2021, our members are in North America. However, our Around the World scholarships serve others in Africa at present.
  • 39,865 have “Order” as part of their name.
  • 4,374 have “King” in their name.
  • 8,943 have “daughters” as part of their name.
  • 9,650 have “sons” as part of their name.
  • 4,884 have “interdenominational” as part of their name.
  • 6 have “intergenerational Christian” as part of their name.
  • 254,723 have “spiritual” as part of their name.
  • 146,579 have “spiritual development” as part of their name.
  • 9,706 have “Christian scholarship” as part of their name.
  • 9,159 have “Christian community” as part of their name.
  • 5,519 have “Christian fellowship” as part of their name.
  • 456 have “Christian discernment” as part of their name.

We thank the “What’s in a Name Committee” for their diligent work.  For their latest report, be sure to read the special feature in the next Silver Cross scheduled to be snail mailed to you about February 1, 2021.  What makes our name unique?  What words best describe our organization?

By Dianne Foglesong, Communications Director; approved by What’s in a Name Committee

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  1. I think our name for those outside The Order is hard for people to process the meaning. For me The Order is about doing, caring, helping and a circle of friends.

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