Professor Ferdinand Porsche had a hypothetical choice:  1) Keep all of the products and facilities that Porsche had, and replace all of the Porsche staff; or 2) Keep all of the Porsche people, but replace all of the equipment.  “Of course, I would choose people,” he replied.

Our organization is fortunate to have two long-term employees.  During Employee Appreciation Month in March, we owe both Chris and Larisa a big thank you to for the jobs they do.  As our organization changed over the decades, the staff’s jobs changed from when their employment began.  How can we volunteer leaders and members keep our staff motivated and rewarded as they support our nonprofit operations?

Suppose we ask three men working on a construction site, why are you here?  The first man says he is here to bust rocks.  The second man answers that he is earning a living and wondering how he can split fewer rocks for more money. While doing the same rock job as the others, the third man answers, “I’m helping my colleagues build a temple.”  Hammers are not as heavy when people work together.  The collective effort that supports the mission puts passion into the team’s activities.  Let’s keep sledgehammers out of the tool chest.

Finally, the tired construction workers ask, “What’s in it for me?”  No amount of money motivates a job with no meaning.  We members need to thank our staff for things they do well.  Let’s all tell the staff that what you do around here matters.

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