Next to my house stands a large oak tree.  Its branches spread out as they reach for the sky, as if in prayer to God.  Many months ago,  the leaves fell and winter blew in.  Looking out of my bedroom skylight windows first thing each morning, I recently noticed three leaves clinging to a high branch, waving in the breeze.  These determined leaves, so faithful to the branch, have held on tightly through winter winds, ice and snow storms.  They defied any challenge to remove them.

These leaves remind me of our KDS members who have done the same thing throughout the woes of the pandemic – hanging on and continuing to serve during the challenges set before them,  no matter what was thrown their way.  Determination kept our members moving forward.  The bigger the challenge, the stronger and more creative they became.

We are made to hang on tightly to our Savior’s hand and heart;  to serve, especially during the storms;  to be faithful in love and service.

Are you like the leaves on the tree,  or have you fallen and blown away, losing the connection between members or the desire to serve IHN?  It’s not too late.  Remember – NEVER LET GO!

Janet Laude

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