An IOKDS core value is collaboration.  Perhaps never before has collaboration been required more than it is now as we turn the calendar pages one full year on the coronavirus pandemic.  We are all worn out from it and by it.  But our other foundational values of compassionate caring and faith tug at our heartstrings causing us to ask how we can use our resources to serve more.

Analysts tell us our change is propelled ten years forward in one year.  Analysts and newscasters continuously point out the gaps occurring during this year that feel forever while pushing change at sonic speed.  What change is permanent?  Can we keep up? Do we want to default to a give up mode?

Nimble flexibility is the pandemic coping and survival skill needed for individuals and organizations.  Frankly, easy change and adaptability are not in the automatic repertoire of our organization founded in 1886.  Like many Christian churches and other organizations, our membership numbers are not growing and are not keeping up as the need for service multiplies during the pandemic.

From an international organizational perspective, I suggest that we must use our energy to be proactive and responsive rather than shooting for the moon in an emotional reaction depleting to our members who have years of caring volunteering in their blood.  We need quality management as a team comprised of two staff members and our seventeen members of the Board of Directors and Officers.

We need to continue our long-term partner relationships with our nonprofit social service partners at the local and across the North American map.  Time validates their trust in us and vice versa.  As mailboxes fill with philanthropic requests to support food security, safe shelter, and health, let’s not waste time vetting new partners.  Let’s keep those we know in ways we can.  To those we know through IOKDS ownership and years of leadership, including affordable senior apartments, elder homes, hospitals, and schools, let’s keep them at the top of our list for service and support.

Suppose members share clear, joint objectives from the international, state/province Branch, and local Circle levels. In that case, we can make a genuine difference working together for others of all ages and circumstances.  Our faith supports top commitment.

Dianne Foglesong
Communications Director

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  1. You have captured our aims and objectives, our caring and support of others, our projects and personal faith in our Lord and Saviour as partnerships within IOKDS members, Branches, and Circles.

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