Data privacy is a topic of concern for our members, our donors, and those we serve.  Data privacy is a growing issue, not a vanishing one.

You may have done the “I am not a robot” quiz boxes many times by now. Security questions are a way we protect our username.  You may have signed a privacy HIPPA statement each time you received medical care.  Electronic Protected Health Information refers to a person’s past, present, or future physical or mental health condition along with care received that is individually identifiable.

While the pandemic increases online activity like never before, our organization’s leaders and staff realize that privacy is both a legal and ethical issue.  Our new website offers multiple opportunities for a visitor to leave their name and email.  With each of those website opportunities, we hope to reach and welcome new constituents to IOKDS safely.  You will note the privacy policy stated with every online form:

Privacy Statement– Personal contact information is used only for the sole purpose of receiving official correspondence from IOKDS staff or Board of Directors.  Our membership database is not shared with any other group or organization.

Is it time for us to do an annual privacy audit at all levels of our organization?

  1. What personal information do we have (name, address, phone, email, etc.)?  Where do we keep the data?  Who has access?
  2. When do we destroy private data? How do we destroy the information once it has outlived its purpose?  Are we guilty of trying to keep too much information because we might want it at a later time?

Be a part of building a safe data culture and not part of a hoarding culture with vulnerabilities.


Dianne Foglesong
Communications Director

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