A glance over my kitchen counter and on the shelves on the back porch reveals the fact that I have too many kitchen gadgets—most that have only one function—including four crockpots in various shapes and sizes, a 4-slice toaster and toaster oven, a George Foreman grill, a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, and the newest arrival, an Instant Pot electric pressure cooker. I’m always looking for the easiest and quickest way out—because the funny thing is this—I don’t particularly like to cook! But I will say that I am enchanted with the Instant Pot. It has many different settings so that you can cook a whole chicken at 6 minutes per pound, produce perfectly cooked rice in a matter of minutes, and a succulent pot roast complete with potatoes and carrots in the same pot in about half an hour, not to mention a function to delay the start time and a slow cooker setting. My goal with this new kitchen wonder is to be able to produce tasty meals from scratch in the blink of an eye and the push of a button when I get home after a long day on the job and on the road.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, it’s time to start cooking healthy kingdom food. And I think that we can put all our single use earthly appliances aside as we concentrate on the holy Instant Pot electric pressure cooker. Use the divine settings on high to cook up your spiritual life: worship, prayer, stewardship and service. I think you will be glad when you see the results! But don’t stop there. Invite your friends to come and join you for the holy banquet, as together we taste the feast of the kingdom. And remember—the pressure’s on!

The Reverend Nancy Oehler Love, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Pastor, Union Presbyterian Church, Fort Madison, Iowa; Montrose Presbyterian Church, Montrose, Iowa

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