Submitted by Mary Jane Mackenzie, sister of Carol and Aunt to Kylie

Pictures attached include Carol Badger, aka Oma, her granddaughter Kylie, Kelly, chef at the Home and various residents.

Kylie, the eight-year-old granddaughter of Carol Badger, a PA IOKDS member of the Lend A Hand Circle, Bethlehem, PA, approached Oma asking about volunteering at a Soup Kitchen. To volunteer at any soup kitchen or shelter, one has to be at least 16 years of age.

Over the past year, Kylie has shown a great deal of interest in cooking. For Christmas, Kylie received cooking classes at Young Chef’s Academy. Kylie’s first class consisted of making pasta and sauce, buttery biscuits and carrot cake. Upon returning home from that class, Kylie showed Oma and Grandpa her baking skills by baking a carrot cake for supper that night. I was lucky and honored to receive a piece of that delicious carrot cake.

So, when Kylie approached Oma about volunteering, Oma asked Kylie if she would want to
bake two carrot cakes for the ladies and one gentleman at the Moravian King’s Daughters and Sons Home in Bethlehem, PA, one of the PA Branches state projects.

With Oma’s supervision, Kylie made two carrot cakes and presented them to Kelly, the Home’s chef. Then, she proudly showed off her baking skills to the residents at the Home.

The residents were so pleased that an eight-year-old made such a delicious dessert. They have since sent her a thank you and are anxiously waiting for another tasty treat from Kylie.

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