The New Horizons Committee is thinking past the days of COVID lock down.  They are ready to pack their car up and “Hit the Road” again.  You may recall the purpose of the New Horizons program is to promote membership enthusiasm, rededication, and growth ensuring the future of IOKDS.

However, the Committee needs to know what you want them to bring and when you want them to come.  Branches and Circles have host responsibilities to participate.  While the Committee brings a basic program to you, they make an effort to tailor the information to your needs, interests, and concerns.


Please answer the questions in this brief survey.

  1. Name of Branch_________________
  2. Branch contact person and email_________________
  3. Name of Circle__________
  4. Circle contact person and email__________________
  5. How many are interested in learning more about the Order and its history? ­(#)____________
  6. Would you prefer a ZOOM webinar or in-person presentation?______________
  7. In-person would be a New Horizons 1-2 day meeting in your area; would this be of interest to your group?______________
  8. Do you have a small group visiting Chautauqua in 2021?__________
  9. How many are coming to Chautauqua?____________
  10. Do you have a group planning a trip to Chautauqua in 2022?_______________
  11. How many are coming to Chautauqua in 2022?_____________
  12. Would your group be interested in a one day New Horizons program during their visit to Chautauqua?____________


Thank you for completing the survey.  Please email your answers to Suzanne,

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to participate!

By Suzanne Spoon, New Horizons Committee Chair

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