Pictured:  Past and Present Branch Presidents (year unknown)

Branch picture

Some branches and circles of The King’s Daughters and Sons support and/or own/run hospitals, homes for the elderly, thrift shops, and child care centers. Some provide scholarships to those in the health fields, those mastering in divinity, to Native Americans, and to those living outside of the US or Canada who choose to study in their own countries.

Branches, circles, and members-at-large contribute to causes in their local communities and some to world-wide endeavors.

  • Members who meet in groups of 3 or more people may unite as a “Circle.”
  • A group of “Circles” together with members-at-large that choose to unify in a state or province is called a “Branch.”
  • The King’s Daughters and Sons organization is currently comprised of 17 branches.
  • Various members of these branches are elected as officers in their branches.
  • Ultimately, all International Executive Officers have previously served as officers in their own branches.