The Connecticut Branch has 3 active circles and a city union:

Aida Kittredge Circle

  • Supports their community by providing gift cards to the North Guilford Welfare Department
  • Donations to the North Builford food and fuel banks
  • Contributes to the Warm the Children Fund
  • Supports the United Nations “Nothing but Nets” program which aids in the prevention of malaria
  • Supports the Peace Corps
  • Volunteers at the Veteran’s Hospital
  • Knits and crochets items for new mothers at Middlesex Hospital


Alberta B. Clark Circle

  • Makes throw blankets and “Smile Bags” for patiients convalescing from HIV/AIDS in their community
  • Provides support to their local food bank


Friendship Circle

  • Provides “Literacy Bags” to Covenant Village in Cromwell
  • Provides “Happiness Bags” to an East Hartford dialysis center


Hartford City Union

  • Provides annual scholarships to all 5 of the KDS scholarship funds
  • Supports local institutions for special needs children
  • Contributes to Heifer International and Habitat for Humanity
  • Supports summer camps for the underprivileged
  • Contributes to the KDS at the Iowa Branch’s Camp Lookout
  • Donates to the KDS Clergy Week, Chautauqua Scholarship Program, Chautauqua Building Fund (including the recent addition of new fire escapes), Memorial Museum, Central Council and The Silver Cross
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