Projects of the Mary Brickell Circle, Yazoo City, MS:

Love House









Love House and Patrick House are two “Green Houses” that have located in Yazoo City. Their administrator is Julie Hoffman, Past Mississippi Branch President.


The Green House® concept, based upon the Eden principles developed by Dr. William Thomas, is designed to de-institutionalize nursing home life and provide an environment where elders engage in meaningful life activities, eliminating the plagues of “loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.”  The idea is to deliver care and services in a facility that is home, not “home-like.”


Warren Yazoo Group Home...

Projects of the Willing Hearts Circle, Brookhaven, MS:

Silver Cross Home
is their nursing home.
Silver Cross Home

King’s Daughters Medical Center is their hospital.

King's Daughters' Medical Center

Kingsborough Elderly Housing is a government-subsidized
senior housing unit for those who qualify under HUD.