Some pictures from the Ministering Circle:

NY Ministering Circle 4

(Front: Eloise Mulligan, Peggy Avery, Amber Avery;
Rear:  Carol Creswell, Carol Raymond, Marilyn Duvall)

The Ministering Circle has been in existence since 1889 when it began in Canandaigua, NY.  They hold 9 monthly meetings each year.


NY Ministering Circle 5

Above – Special Native American blanket from Gail Gillman (L) of Sun Valley Reservation, AZ, presented to Carol Creswell, President of the Ministering Circle.

NY Ministering Circle 2

L to R: Eloise Mulligan, Carol Ann Creswell, Bernie Betts

Ministering Circle

Included in their activities is the mailing of boxes with baby layettes and hand-knit little blankets and mittens to several sanctioned reservations: St. Labre, St. Francis and Four Corners. “We love to visualize the little babies dressed in our clothing, or the delight on the children’s faces as they play with or cuddle new warm mittens, hats, puzzles or little toys and books.”

“Often we get heartfelt “thank yous” from the dedicated people who administer the reservation schools, living out on the prairie or up in the mountains where the winter winds blow cold.”