Circle Presidents and Representatives receiving Pearls
During the Standard of Excellence ProgramCircles receiving Pearls in Standard of Excellence Program


Ohio Branch Board Members (Past and Present)

Ohio Branch Board Members

1st Row left to right:  Sue Pine,  Doris Lyons,  Barbara Miller,  Jayne McAdams,  and Emmy Hann
2nd Row left to right:  Peggy Gay,  Donna Schmidt,  Betty Crowder,  Mike Kildow,  and Marcele Roahrig



The Margaret Carle Award:

This award was designed to honor that special person who has given outstanding service to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the King, through the work of our precious Order. The award was first given in 1986 under the leadership of President Dorothy Sevougian. The first recipient was Margaret Carle for whom the award was named. The award is not to be given every year, but only as outstanding service and dedication is in evidence.


2011 recipients of the Margaret Carle Award

Pictured:  Barbara Hoover and Betty Crowder receiving the Margaret Carle Service Award, presented by then President, Marcele Roahrig (middle).




Former Margaret Carle Service Award recipients and
the years in which they received this illustrious award are:

1986 – Margaret Carle
1987 – Pat Cooke
1989 – Doris Lyons & Joyce Stearns
1992 – Sue Buck
1994 – Alice Crum & Alice Ryan
1995 – Susan Kildow
1999 – Lynda Bodey & Una Mae Gill
2002 – Brenda Montgomery & Linda Sweeney
2003 – Ed Sweeney
2005 – Betty Lemmon
2007 – Bea Bryenton
2008 – Deb Hurd
2011 – Betty Crowder & Barbara Hoover