Valentines Day

As an interdenominational, Christian organization in North America, we are a community of faith and hope called to live together serving others of all ages and circumstances.   Prayer and devotions are foundational to our membership community and friends.  For those following our blogs since January 21, 2021, you noticed a special program, 40 Days of Prayer, written by one of our members, Rev. Katrina Laude, pastor of the United Methodist Church in Homer City, Pennsylvania.  While our organization does not endorse or support a particular political party or candidate, Rev. Laude’s forty-day prayer focus is for a peaceful democracy in the United States now.

Over the past few months, IOKDS Board member, Mary Jane Mackenzie, organized a devotional committee.  The committee enlisted all IOKDS members to invite their pastors to submit a devotional that could be shared as a post in the blog section of our website.

Today, our devotional committee offers the first devotional, a poem written by Dr. Ginny Barnes, pastor of McCredie United Methodist Church in Kingdom City, Missouri.  Hereafter, beginning in March, you will find a devotional posted on Thursdays in the blog section of our website.  Follow us each week to visit the devotional thoughts of pastors from different denominations across the North American map.

A sincere thank you from all of our readers to all who are making contributions to this blog.


Ruth Major Circle
Columbia, Missouri

Hip, Hip, Hooray
It’s St. Valentine’s Day!A time for love
With kisses and hugs!


Hip, Hip, Hooray
It’s St. Valentine’s Day!

This Saint was wise
To promote cupid’s eyes

He knew what was best
To put hate to rest

Hip, Hip, Hooray
It’s St. Valentine’s Day!

Love—the greatest of all
So wrote St. Paul

We know GOD is love
Come from above

GOD’s Love is for ALL
No matter our call

For you see, GOD is Love
Who came from above,Let us love one another
Let us gather together


For it’s St. Valentine’s Day
Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Man, woman, and child,
poor, imprisoned or free
Gathered together on bended knee

Love is the cure for
All of our woes

Let’s start a new world
And befriend our foes

May we all love,
feed and shelter the weak
Give to others and gather to speak…

Of GOD’s Love for us all
No matter our call

Hip, Hip, Hooray
It’s St. Valentine’s Day!