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We believe higher education empowers young adults to move the world forward.  To ease the financial burden of college/university tuition, we award $1000 scholarships to students studying at an accredited college, university, or seminary.  Annual donations, endowments, and fundraising activities fund each scholarship category.  

Scholarship Categories


General Fund Donations

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Native American

Scholarships are awarded to students with documented Native American blood line for any field of study.


Health Careers

Undergraduate and graduate school students studying a health career profession are eligible for this scholarship.


Student Ministry

Full time graduate students studying at a seminary or a school accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the US or Canada are awarded these scholarships.



At the successful completion of their unpaid Learn & Discern Internship with IOKDS, students are eligible for a scholarship in their field of study.


Clergy Renewal

In partnership with the Chautauqua Department of Religion, donations support gate passes as well as food and utility expenses.


Around The World

Vulnerable students from disadvantaged countries are chosen for the Around the World scholarships by our partner, Kids Alive International.

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