Conference 2020 is Cancelled

IOKDS Conference 2020 and COVID-19

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Dear IOKDS members:

On March 12, with all due consideration of the advice about COVID-19 from the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and Health Canada, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to cancel IOKDS Conference 2020.  Given that the participants at our conferences are mainly older adults and that the conference requires us to gather for 3 days in a hotel, it was a prudent decision.

Our next steps will include the immediate return of all registration fees, meal costs, donations to programs, and tour costs.  Those of you who have booked a hotel room are responsible for cancelling that booking. The Jumer’s Hotel staff has been notified of the cancellation.  The cancellation policy of the hotel will not entail a penalty.  For those who sent in a donation as part of their registration, I ask that you consider still making that contribution to our programs and services.

We are working to achieve as many of the goals of the conference as possible by other means. Our bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order will allow all Board positions to be filled according the slate presented by the Nominating Committee.  There are several steps that the Board will need to take to follow proper procedure but the end result will be a full Board of Directors.  Transfer to new Board members, Scholarship Directors, Presidential Appointees and Standing Committees will begin on April 30, 2020.

The full slate of officers is available on our website.  These appointments will stand until we hold elections at IOKDS Conference 2021.

Our bylaw amendments intended for IOKDS Conference 2020 will be brought forward to 2021.

The Reviewed Financial Statement 2019 will be posted in the Members’ Only section of the website.

Sandy Pace and Larisa Price will mail the awards intended for presentation at the Awards Dinner to all recipients.  A list of those awards will appear in an upcoming edition of The Silver Cross.

Written reports from all the IOKDS Board of Directors, Standing Committee Chairpersons, Ad Hoc Committee Chairpersons, Presidential Appointees and Branch Presidents are now due.  These reports will be posted on our website.

In the coming weeks, business with the following groups will be conducted by conference call. Therefore it is essential that those involved respond promptly to requests to set dates for these calls:

  • Branch Presidents, Sandy Pace presiding. Christine Dawson and Dianne Foglesong attending.
  • Fundraising Committee, Jan Laude and Babs Lusk presiding
  • Standing Committee Chairpersons, Christine Dawson and Jan Laude presiding
  • Scholarship Directors Committee meeting, Frances Cooley presiding. Christine Dawson and Jan Laude attending.
  • Board Orientation meeting, Jan Laude presiding
  • Chapter Executive Meeting, Christine Dawson presiding. Jan Laude and Chris White attending.


Hand washing not hand shaking! Prayer and prudence not panic! Social distance not social gatherings!

Blessings for good health to each of you.


Christine Dawson


Christine Dawson
International President