Gems from the Memorial Museum

Beauty Spot Holder


This beauty spot holder was given by Jennie C. Benedict to her dear friend, Lula W. Hartford of Louisville, KY when they were both young girls. It was generously donated to the Memorial Museum by Nancy Baker.

What is a beauty spot? The dictionary says it is “a small black mark penciled or glued on the face or shoulders for ornamentation or to conceal a blemish. It is also called a beauty mark patch.”

This little glass container measures 1 inch wide and 1 inch tall, with a sterling silver lid with Lula’s initials engraved on the top.

Jennie Carter Benedict was born in Harrod’s Creek, KY on March 25, 1860. Benedict, who was once the most famous caterer in Louisville and also operated a celebrated tea room and soda fountain, trained with Fannie Farmer at the Boston Cooking School.

She helped form the first Circle in Kentucky, Communicating Circle, with ten school girls and she was their leader. Jennie Cassaday, who brought the Order to KY, suggested to Miss Benedict that caring for the sick who were unable to pay would be a suitable work for the Circle. Their work grew by leaps and bounds.

In 1906, Jennie was elected Central Council member from KY. Later she was elected Vice President, Treasurer and then Life Member of the Order. Her influence was great until her death in 1928.

When the Johnson House at 34 Vincent Avenue was purchased by the Chautauqua Circle it was decided to name the house the Jennie C. Benedict Memorial Scholarship House, shortened today to Benedict House.

Sue Buck, Order Historian