Take the Challenge!

An Update from: Dianne Foglesong, Communications Director
May 9, 2020

When? What’s next? How? The Covid-19 uncertainties continue to generate questions. Is a mental health crisis also looming? Social isolation can be cruel to anyone and everyone.

Psychiatrists tell us that basic mental health in a crisis includes connecting with family and friends and helping others do the same. Although people are resilient in crisis times, in the last month, texts to mental health hotlines have increased 1000%. Those most vulnerable are elderly and disabled living alone, those with pre-existing depression or anxiety issues, people struggling with addictions, and those with worrisome income reduction. And of course those with family and friends suffering from Covid-19.

As IOKDS members, we have a responsibility to each other to shape our perception of Covid adversity as a challenge to surmount. Because #Stay Home orders continue in varying places and degrees, our project, IOKDS Stands Together-Apart, is extended until June 15. So far Circles in the Ontario and Iowa Branches report the most member contact telephone calls. Circles who have not yet reported your efforts, email the number of phone calls you make to the silvercrosseditor2@gmail.com by June 15. Our Annual Report will highlight the total member contact numbers for this project.

The IOKDS Stands Together-Apart Challenge was recently initiated and is described below.

A new project:  IOKDS Stands Together—Apart Challenge

Why?  Since there is no biological vaccine for Covid-19, the behavioral vaccine of social distancing/isolation is needed.  As important as social distancing is to slow the pandemic, a side effect can be emotional risk for personal depression.
Who?  Every IOKDS member accepts the challenge of participation.  IOKDS has 150 adult Circles in North America.
How?  IOKDS initiates tele-emotional health of body, mind, and spirit beginning today.
Where?  In your home.

What do I do?

  1. While hunkering down at home to protect your own and your community’s physical health, each member telephones/Facetimes/Skypes at least one IOKDS member in their Circle.
  2. Suggestions for the nature of your conversation:  How are you feeling?  Do you have food and medicines you need for a week?  Are you sleeping your usual amount? What is your major worry right now?  Share a positive thought.  May I call you again?
  3. After your member interaction is complete, each member notifies their Circle President.  Circle Presidents, please try to ensure each member receives a call.
  4. Circle President, please report the total number of member contacts completed in your Circle with an email to silvercrosseditor2@gmail.com or leave a message at 317-289-6677.  Circle Presidents may delegate this task as needed.

Our project goal is to promote the emotional health of every IOKDS member with a personal conversation from a distance is updated to June 15th.

The Silver Cross editor will tally the total number of contacts completed and report the tele-emotional health impact on this website, as well as in The Silver Cross Annual Report, “We Stand Together Even When We Stay Physically Apart.”   The value of our membership is quantitatively and qualitatively recognized.  Rejoice!  #IOKDSCovid19Action.


Dianne Foglesong, IN
International Communications Director