2020 – 2021

With the cancellation of the IOKDS Conference 2020 due to COVID-19, the question of how to replace those officers whose terms were ending was forefront. As you know, our bylaws state that the members at the annual conference elect the officers.   With guidance of the International Parliamentarian, Phoebe McLelland, and under the authority of Robert’s Rules of Order, the following steps were taken.

Board members whose term would have ended at the IOKDS Conference 2019 were asked if they wished to continue to serve or if they wished to resign.  This was an important first step as each had the choice to remain in place until the IOKDS Conference 2021’s election.  All chose to resign and indicated such in writing.

That allowed the Board to declare those positions as “vacant” and therefore the Board was able to enact the bylaw that indicates how a vacant position is to be filled.  Since the Nominating Committee had completed their work and had a list of qualified candidates for the vacant positions, those candidates were offered the positions.  All accepted.

Given that the term of office is 3 years, the Board determined that the year 2020-2021 would count as one of those 3 years for these appointed officers.  This maintains the existing Board rotation plan.

Introducing Your Officers and Directors:


Janet Laude, International President, PA


Jan received the International President’s gavel after serving as International Vice President of Spiritual Life.  Originally, Jan joined IOKDS in 1960 as a Chautauqua Scholar, and she continued as Chautauqua Branch Chair for ten years.  Then in 1968-1972, Jan served as the Chautauqua Scholars Director.  While starting four new Circles in Ohio and Pennsylvania, she held many Circle and Branch offices along with New Horizons, special projects, and building renewal committee assignments.  After retiring from 40 years of teaching, Jan continues extensive community volunteering and roles as mother and grandmother.


Sandra Pace, Vice President Spiritual Life, VA 


Leadership and teaching describe Sandy’s IOKDS service since being the 200’th New Horizon’s  participant.  She served as International Vice President for Membership, as a member of the International Nominating Committee, and the Branch President’s Representative to the Board of Directors.  Sandy is also currently fulfilling her term as Virginia Branch President.  Recently retired from her college teaching role, she continues to teach wellness in her community, to lead a Bible study in her neighborhood and to teach a ladies’ Sunday School class.


Catherine Duncan, International Secretary, Member-at-large NY


Please call me Cathy!  What an incredible first year I had as your International Secretary recording minutes for the Board of Directors and the Finance Committee business meetings.  I also learned to blog for the IOKDS website writing 14 short essays. In 2019-2020 I served on the international Nominating Committee and now am Co-chair for the international ad-hoc committee, “What’s in a Name.”  As a member-at-large, I serve as the New York Branch Secretary and newsletter editor.  After 22 years serving my country, I retired as an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel.


Babette Lusk, International Treasurer, MS 


Beginning as a junior member, Bab’s 50 years in IOKDS includes being honored with the Chautauqua Scholarship while a student at the U of Tennessee, leading Tennessee’s Angel Circle, serving as TN Branch Vice President, and serving on The King’s Daughters and Sons Home Board in Bartlett, TN since 1961.  From 1996-2000 Babs was the International Junior Director.  Babs finds the treasurer’s job fascinating and doesn’t like CAN’T.  After retiring from SYSCO food service sales, she moved to Coldwater, Mississippi, to help her sister care for five horses.


Pamela Yarborough, Around the World Director, TX 


Shortly after moving to a new town, Pam’s knowledge and love for IOKDS began with a personal invitation to an event.  After an initial year of learning and watching, Pam jumped in with both feet starting with Circle Secretary, Vice President, and President.  Next came Texas Branch involvement as Secretary and Chautauqua Scholar Representative followed by Cleburne City Union President. Along with being the mother of a teen, Pam is an oil on canvas painter with her own art gallery in Cleburne, TX.

Marti Huskey, Branch Presidents’ Representative, IA


As taught by her parents growing up in Pittsburgh, PA, Marti believes in service in her community.  After many moves, she and her husband retire in Burlington, Iowa.  Subsequently, she joins IOKDS and becomes Circle Treasurer.  At Iowa’s Branch level, Marti goes on to serve as Second Vice President, Scholarship Director, and Board President for the KD Retirement Home in Burlington.  Currently Marti serves as Iowa’s Branch President. She enjoys reading, counted cross stitch and time with her family and friends.


Sharon Niday, Chautauqua Housing Director, WV


Sharon’s experiences in the IOKDS houses comes from helping with the Chautauqua Scholars and Clergy Renewal programs and spending a vacation week for the past three years with her Circle members there.  After teaching English in public middle school for 38 years, Sharon was an adjunct professor at Marietta College and taught online gifted education courses for West Virginia University and Marshall University. For 20 years she designed the county school literary magazine.  While involved in her community, she enjoys two grandchildren.


Bruce McLelland, Chautauqua Properties Director, ON


In 1984 Bruce was a second generation McLelland Chautauqua Scholar with his daughter following as third generation.  Over his 55 years of membership, Bruce served numerous Branch and Union offices including Registrar and Treasurer for the past 12 Ontario Branch Conventions.  He also served as the Around the World Director.  Currently, Bruce is treasurer of his Circle, Ottawa City Union, and the Ontario Branch.  Recent committee work includes Celebration 2020 and What’s in a Name.  Bruce retired from banking as a Financial Advisor at TD Canada Trust.


Dianne Foglesong, Communications Director, IN


Since her days at Iowa’s King’s Daughters’ Camp Lookout, Dianne now wears her mother’s 50-year Maltese cross pin.  Proud that two family members were Chautauqua Scholars, Dianne advocates for IOKDS and Chautauqua as her Branch’s Chautauqua Director and the Learn & Discern Communication intern supervisor.  Being a life-long learner, she is developing new skills as the Silver Cross editor and as the coordinator of website/social media postings.   After a long career in many areas of nursing, Dianne’s favorite title now, with five grandchildren, is Nana.


Linda Hilmer, Health Careers Director, IN


Since retiring from a clinical inpatient and outpatient nursing career spanning five states, Linda joined IOKDS and assumed responsibilities as Circle Secretary.   Currently, she serves as the Indiana Branch Vice President of Spiritual Life which includes a major role in the Branch Convention planning for the last two years.  She also serves on the international New Horizons on the Road Committee.  After cooking for the Chautauqua Scholars, she accepted a House Host assignment for 2020.  Linda’s toddler granddaughter brings her laughter and joy.


Mark Foglesong, Internship Director, Member-at-Large, IN


After receiving a PhD, Mark worked in pharmaceutical research and management including four years in London, England, with manufacturing responsibility in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Fulfilling his dream of teaching, his second career was as an adjunct professor at Butler University’s College of Business.  During those 8 years, his favorite part of the job was mentoring students. Retirement found him joining IOKDS in addition to his hobbies of traveling, sailing, playing with grandchildren and participating in the Chautauqua Institution programs.


Mary Jane Mackenzie, Native American Director, PA


At home in Bethlehem, PA, Mary Jane served as Circle Secretary and President as well as Board President of the Moravian King’s Daughter’s Home.  Over time she served as Branch Secretary, Vice President, and President.  With love for Native Americans, Mary Jane enjoys travels to visit scholarship recipients.  She also chairs the International Fund-Raising Committee.



Norma Stack, Student Ministries Director, MO


During her 21 years of membership, Norma served as Circle President and President of The King’s Daughter’s Home in Mexico, MO.  At the Branch level she enjoyed the roles as Chautauqua Director and President.  After attending two international conventions, she served as the Branch President’s Representative on the International Board of Directors.  Before retiring Norma worked as administrative assistant to her State Representative, Senator, and Governor.  She was also an elected Public Administrator.  She enjoys travel with grandchildren.


Presidential Appointments

Christine Dawson, Immediate Past President, ON


Since 1990 Christine’s pattern of IOKDS involvement was to learn and serve which included responsibilities at the international level as the Chautauqua Scholar Director, third and first Vice President, and President.  A graduate of McGill University, specialized certificates in Gerontology and Volunteer Management were background for her IOKDS leadership.  Living in a military family in Europe and Canada, Christine and her husband retired to Ontario in the winter and Chautauqua in the summer.  They are part of three generational homes with sons, daughters-in-laws, and four granddaughters.


Phoebe McLelland, International Parliamentarian, ON


At a young age Phoebe sang hymns at her mother’s Circle meetings and made scrapbooks for children in a Labrador hospital.  Honored to be a Chautauqua Scholar, she returned home and started a Circle.  Later she started the Chautauqua Scholarship Chapter.  Over the years Phoebe served in multiple roles including Ontario Branch President and International Secretary.  For 7 years she served as Ottawa KDS Apartments Board President and is currently a Board member for Meals on Wheels. She is honored to serve In His Name as Parliamentarian.


Meredith Houghton, International Historian, KY


It is difficult to write about yourself – what do you say that will make people remember you and want to know you better?  I have been a King’s Daughter for thirty-plus years and held many positions in my circles.  Yes, I said circles.  I originally belonged to Filiae Regis Secundus Circle in Peoria, Illinois.  Then, my husband, Tom, and I moved to Kentucky.  I am now a member of the Reunion Circle in Louisville.  I cannot imagine my life without my King’s Daughters and Sons friends these past many years.  King’s Daughters and Sons fills a space in my heart with love, friendship, and a desire to be a better person and to serve others in our King’s name.  I am truly humbled to be appointed your Historian.  Sue Buck, Past Historian, leaves huge shoes to fill, but I will try my very best to wear them.